Discourse - Text Analysis
I have described Discourse and CDA as being concerned mostly with a world view of strands of discourse which develop and are utilised in communication, often in written text or in spoken forms. Text analysis, in contrast, deals with written text, and it has developed in a number of ways, chiefly regarding the exact nature of words and language, and the structures and details of text itself

The material in this section is taken from "Advances in Written Text Analysis" edited by Malcolm Coulthard, Routledge, London, 1994. I have converted the comments of the authors into my own words, but I want to acknowledge the originals, which I will refer to in the text.

I have divided my work into the following sections:-
Text Structures
Retrospection and Prospection.
Prediction in text
Other Ideas

These include some of the most important things in the toolbox, but some of the techniques and ideas have been included for interest and completeness of these surveys of discourse and text analysis theories


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