CDA - Critical Discourse Analysis

If you have read my pages summarising discourse, you may agree that, however interesting and useful the idea of discourse may be, there could be criticism that discourse is only a more sophisticated form of campaigning, or that discourse is just another method of commentating of current affairs.

These criticisms clearly have some validity, so discourse analysis faces a challenge of how it can become a 'full academic discipline' - how can it inoculate itself in advance against these criticisms ?

For this reason Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has been developed, and I want to describe CDA as an academic discipline which has developed a range of methods and techniques for working on discourse - finding ways to disentangle the discourses and understand the positions and levels taken up by authors.

I have tried to describe the core of CDA, and some of the major issues it deals with on the following pages:-

The Theoretical Grounding and Objectives of CDA - sjdfh
The Attitude of CDA - its approach to problems - sdkjg
The main concepts of CDA - power, history, ideology, etc
The Potential of CDA - gfafg
CDA as a school - kdfgjadrgf
Power - kfjgoadf

What is power - iihjfdgia
How does power work - kjkljk
Knowledge - kjjklkjg

I have used this material to generate many of the questions in my Discourse Toolbox

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