Discourse Toolbox - Organisations

When you stop and think about it, organisations are curious creatures:-

  • sometimes we care so much about them (countries and churches) that we would die for them
  • they are our chosen way of organising ourselves to trade necessary supplies (companies) and provide necessary services (hospitals, social services)
  • some build their lives around them, others use them to provide for their needs, others use them as tools (or even toys ?)
  • they can be constituted as charities, businesses, partnerships, clubs, societies, co-operatives, etc.
  • they can be led by entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, directors, trustees, managers, committees, and so on.
  • every organisation has its foundation myth, where new recruits are told how and why the organisation began
  • every organisation creates policies, and systems to implement them
  • it will use money and effort to achieve its goals
  • and, we always complain about them

I offer a service to look at the published work and structure of any organisation for you, to gather more information about it so that you can communicate with them better (and influence them better).

In the linked pages I include part of my case study of the Ministry of Agriculture (DEFRA) from my food and farming study. In this study, I selected a key Ministry "Aims and Objectives" text as being the central point of UK Government Food and Farming policy. However, it is also clear that this text was the result of complex processes within the Government and Civil Service, and that the text plays a complex role, with Ministry and lobby implications, but also with Parliamentary and party political dimensions.

I also include a set of questions for a thorough investigation of any organisation.

Please contact me at george@whatever-will.be if you are interested in the above

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