Discourse Toolbox - Integration

In this Integration section, we look at ways of getting a final picture or conclusions from the material we have gathered. Even from a 230 word text such as in my Food Policy case study, a vast amount of analysis material can be generated. This material can be derived from each of the methods I have described:-

  • Discourse Toolbox
  • Context Analysis
  • Organisational Analysis

We need to find ways of working on this material to extract useful information from it, in a form that a reader will find easy and informative.

I have included a typical set of conclusions from my Case Study, as one example of the way the analysis material can be used.

A second way of using the material is with the dispositive - this is a particular way of looking at the material gathered by the 3 methods, particularly focussing on its consistency and discrepancies - areas where there are cracks in reality, or where problems have been papered over

However, there are other ways of reaching a final conclusion, or of integrating the material form all the parts of the study -

  • we may carry out a historical study, as in the Sustainability page
  • having got "the big picture", we may focus on a field of particular interest, such as the study here on Animals
  • we may generate a clearer view of "the marketplace" and the strategies of "the players", such as in the page on Government
  • we may carry out more studies and research, as is suggested by the page on Psychology
  • or, we may help to create a revised vesion of the document we have worked (e.g. Aims and Objectives in this case)

I have included the summary and commentary from my Food Case Study, and there is a discussion page which looks at the validity of my approach and the techniques I have used. In its briefest form, the conclusion is that:- There is a process of industrialisation of food and farming. This is quite well known, but ignored by almost everyone, perhaps for obscure psychological reasons.

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