Green, Business and Consumer Representation

Tool - Analysis of Themes.
Toolbox section 1

Theory - Themes in discourse.
A text may have themes contained within it
- there may be one main theme which dominates the text
- there may be several major themes
- there may be one or more main themes and several subsidiary or minor themes

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In the table below, I have marked several sets of words in different colours, and the number of mentions of each theme is amenable to numerical analysis- Business words (8 sets), Green words (13 sets), and Consumer words (8 sets)

In addition, food has 3 mentions (and drink only 1), farming 8 times (including agriculture and rural) and fishing also has 8 mentions (including marine and coastal)

Interpretation and Discussion.
This information can be interpreted several ways.
1. the text is a discourse mostly about Government policy for food, farming and fishing.
2. the mentions of business, consumer and green words could be either

3 further major themes in the text
links to seperate discourses
a careful balancing of lobby group's interests

In terms of discourse, I think there is a degree of truth in all of the above statements, any of which could be investigated by further research into other texts, or interviews.
However, the other explanations should not be forgotten in the process of researching one of them more deeply.

Questions could also be raised about the representation of these lobbies on the Ministry committees, and that representatives of these groups may have been involved in formulating the policy.

MAFF has the following Aim
1. good quality food which meets consumers' requirements
2. modern sustainable, competitive farming and fisheries businesses; and
3. protection of the rural and marine environment and a thriving rural economy
and the following Objectives
1. To protect public health in relation to farm produce and to animal diseases transmissible to humans
2. To sustain and enhance the rural and marine environments and public enjoyment of the amenities they provide and to promote forestry
3. To secure a more economically rational Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which gives a better deal to consumers and taxpayers and pays due regards to the needs of the environment
4. To encourage the development of modern, efficient agriculture, fisheries and food industries which are internationally competitive and responsive to consumers' requirements
5. To promote strong and sustainable rural and coastal communities through broadening economic opportunity and enhancing social development
6. To administer payments under the CAP fairly and in full accordance with European Union (EU) requirements
7. To conserve fish stocks for future generations and secure a sustainable future for the sea fishing industry
8. To ensure that farmed animals and fish are protected by high welfare standards and do not suffer unnecessary pain or distress
9. To reduce risks to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion
10. To safeguard the continuing availability to the consumer of adequate supplies of wholesome, varied and reasonably priced food and drink

It is remarkable that so much of the content of the policy should be made op of these "lobby" words

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