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- Deriving the Dispositive

Beginning with Foucault in "The Archaeology of Knowledge", a new concept of the dispositive was developed to bring the physical plane, events and discourse into one system. The following sequence is derived from Jaeger, 2001, pp 39-41 (references)

  1. there are non-discursive societal practices which play a part in forming objects/manifestations
  2. Foucault subordinated language, and therefore also linguistics, to thought, and makes then into a department of the cultural sciences
  3. He saw a co-existence of discourse and reality and/or objects
  4. The dispositive is a net hung between these elements and/or which links them together
  5. However, he is unable to say what concrete or empirical relationships there are between the things which are linked together by the dispositive

The dispositive is developed in the following sequence

  1. An urgency arises
  2. So an existing dispositive becomes precarious
  3. So a need to act results
  4. The social and hegemonial forces which are confronted with the urgency assemble the elements which they can obtain in order to counter this urgency
  5. That is - speech, people, knives, cannons, institutions, etc. to counter it
  6. Everything is done in order to 'mend the leaks' - the urgency which has arisen
  7. These elements are only connected by serving a common end (to fend off the urgency)
  8. The 'inner bond' which might tie them together does not become evident (it is invisible)
  9. However, the bond exists in the form of sensory human activity which mediates between subject and object, the social worlds and 'objective' realms

Jaeger continues (ibid, p. 45 references) -"I have the impression that the difficulties in the determination of the dispositive are related to a failure to determine the mediation between discourse (what is said /what has been said), non-discursive practices (activities) and manifestations (products / objects)."

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