Context Analysis - Food Survey

In my Case Study of Food and Farming Context, there are the following sections:-

  • historical - summaries of progress in several key technologies (tractors, food processing, etc.)
  • the players - typical commercial firms of several types, conservation agencies, etc.
  • the field - the national, European and world agencies which administer the sector
  • culture - advertisements, recipes, restaurant reviews, etc.

There are a number of suitable starting points - my original introduction to the pages which links to the sections, the index, and the first page of the series

Although a survey like this is always incomplete (I missed out a page from a typical supermarket, for example), it can give an idea of the context in which the 'players' operate. In this case the survey was intyended to be a "fair context, but it was also done with the eventual aim of looking at Government policies, and this may have influenced the way I gathered the data.

I have chosen the snapshots to give a fair idea of the operations of each organisation - for example, Unilever are a major food production and processing company. They have hundreds of pages covering their products and brands, investor information, job vacancies, etc., and I have selected 3 extracts from their site, one about their "Environment and Society" approach, one about their "Sustainability Initiatives", and a short extract about their production of frozen peas. This gives a good idea of the scale of their operations, and of how they present themselves - the 'semiosis' of their style, layout, use of colours and fonts.


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