Context Analysis - Interpretation

There are 67 pages of 'snapshots' of websites, giving an overview of the whole of the food sector, and this can be clicked through quite quickly. This survey can be "read" in a number of ways - to reveal and study trends such as:-

  • all organisations, whether commercial or agencies, use similar types of pictures, colours and designs on their sites
  • everyone now uses green rhetoric and language
  • there have been very rapid technical advances in the food sector, and nearly all food is produced using these advanced methods
  • In particular, this rapid advance can be validly descibed as a process of industrialisation, which affects every stage of every sector of food production

I develop these conclusions in a number of ways using the other techniques from my discourse site, and also the companion food site uses this material further.

I knew I would be studying Government food policy, and although this may have influenced the way I selected the pages for snapshots, I made every effort to approach this process in an impartial way, and without preconceptions of what the results would be. I did not WANT any particular result to emerge - I wanted to see what was there, in a similar to an explorer in a new locality.

The study is unusual as it has a flat structure - it communicates the way the organisations present themselves, but it is difficult to evaluate their size and importance from their internet site, and this is a property of the internet medium. The National Farmers Union was an example of this - they are influential, but their site was quite small and not very informative (it is more 'normal' now). The opposite is also true - there are organisations with glossy and complex sites which are in fact 'one-man bands'.

I think this technique has considerable potential to reveal hidden patterns in the context of an organisations operations, and the results from this are developed on my companion food site

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