Discourse Toolbox - for other readers

I have written short introductions for several audiences to illustrate the potential value and usefulness of my work for them:-

1. Media, Politics and Business issues
2. Academic dimensions of this work
3. Spiritual and psychological development

I have added some other pages of special interest for academics, such as the Authorial Discourse, and the full references to the sources I have used.

For other readers, I have added a brief introduction to myself, as clearly my own background and experiences will have coloured what I have written. Although I have made every effort to be impartial, it is inevitable that every author brings their previous experience to what they do, but also their prejudices and preconceptions. I have tried to be honest and open about this, and the general reader may also be interested in the page on my Authorial Discourse.

I think the techniqies I have used have demonstrated their interest and validity.

Communicate with me.

I am available for Dicourse Toolbox consultancy work, and in projects using the other techniques I have developed and outlined here. There is also a site of my writing and editing experience.

Please contact me at george@whatever-will.be or by phone on (0044)(0) 1372-749803

I also have a weblog, and you are welcome to make responses to my discourse toolbox site there.


Please contact me at george@whatever-will.be if you are interested in the above

(0044)(0) 1372-749803

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