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I have a biography site (which will give you an idea of my personal context) at www.george-mcnamara.com, and this has links to all my other writings on the internet.

I have a weblog there, and you are welcome to make responses to my discourse toolbox site there

I will add a few points here:-

  • my diet is "wholefood" vegetarian. It excludes meat, but includes fish and some dairy products. I feel I have chosen this diet because of information which is freely available to everyone, and I have no wish to interfere in anyone else's responsibility to choose a diet that they are happy with.
  • By "wholefood" I mean that I bake 80% wholemeal bread and eat brown rice (but not wholemeal pasta). However, I avoid all industrial foods such as TVP or other soya proteins because they are industrial products. It is more true to say that I try to have food with good "life energy", and TVP cannot have any life energy, it seems to me.
  • I have an allotment and grow much of my own food. My own food is organically grown, but I buy all sorts of vegetables and food, not necessarily organic.
  • I would call myself "dark green" - I am strongly committed to recycling and to improving the environment, and I think that we face major problems of resource shortages
  • I am the part-time administrator of PartnerCHIP, a non-profit business which hires out shredders and provides composting demonstrations with the twin aims of waste reduction and sustainable gardening. The PartnerCHIP website is here


Please contact me at george@whatever-will.be if you are interested in the above

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