Discourse Toolbox - for Academics

This work is based on academic research in the the fields of Critical Discourse Analysis and Text Analysis, and on my other studies in "Public and Community Service", a course at the Centre for Institutional Studies of the University of East London.

In general I have used my academic sources as a 'goldmine' from which I have extracted the major concepts and techniques of the Discourse Toolbox. While the authors of these papers might be surprised at what I have done, I have indicated which sources have been used throughout my writings. A full list of the references is given on this page.

I have in general NOT written using an academic discourse, I have used an intermediate discourse level of my own, partly in the interests of explaining discourse to a wider audience. I have summarised my Authorial Discourse on this page.

I have also added a short article on the academic validity of what I have done, which is HERE, and I have added some further points for academics here

I also have a weblog, and you are welcome to make responses to my discourse toolbox site there.

Please contact me at george@whatever-will.be if you are interested in the above

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